Software developed at LS8

Several progams have been and are developed in parallel to our research activity. Most of them are actively maintained by their author.
Program Description Author(s) Related projects
ADT ADT is a tool that is able to learn a mapping from formatting properties (font size, style, first word "definition") of RDF documents (Word) to structural XML annotations (heading, definition).
The documentation is available in German only.
Christian Hüppe  
Information Layer COMRIS Information Layer Stefan Haustein COMRIS
kXML A lean XML parser, suitable for the Java 2 Micro Edition Stefan Haustein COMRIS
mySVM mySVM is an implementation of the Support Vector Machine. It is based on the optimization algorithm of SVMlight. mySVM can be used for pattern recognition, regression and distribution estimation. Stefan Rüping SFB 475, Project A4
myKLR myKLR is a software for large scale kernel logistic regression Stefan Rüping SFB 475, Project A!
mySVM/db mySVM/db is a Java re-implementation mySVM. It is designed to run directly inside a database system. Stefan Rüping SFB 475, Project A4
RDT/dm RDT/dm is a advancement of the Rule Discovery Tool, which was implemented in MOBAL before.
The documentation is available in German only.
Dirk Münsterman  
Picana Picana 2.0 ist an algorithm for the Farthest-Pairs-Problem.
The documentation is available in German only.
Marco Stolpe SFB 475
SVMlight An implementation of Support Vector Machines in C Thorsten Joachims SFB 475, Project A4
Uschificator Scaling of classifier membership values Stefan Rüping SFB 475, Project A4
YALE YALE (Yet Another Learning Environment) is an environment for machine learning experiments Simon Fischer, Ralf Klinkenberg, Ingo Mierswa, Oliver Ritthoff Collaborative Research Center on Computational Intelligence (SFB 531): Project B5
Yale Clustering A plugin that provides a framework and some basic functionality to enable advanced clustering in Yale Michael Wurst AWAKE
Word Vector Tool A simple utility to create representations of text-based documents in the vector space model Michael Wurst AWAKE