Gastvortrag am LS8 (in englischer Sprache)

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    Tom Gordon:
    ZENO - Planen im WWW

Zeit: Mo., 12.1..1998, 12:15 Uhr
Ort: GB V, Raum 420

Decision making on spatial planning problems has to integrate recent advancements on geographical information systems with a framework that supports fair, rational and efficient decision making procedures. Such a framework will assist government and businesses with the retrieval, use and reuse of information in cooperative, distributed planning procedures requiring access to spatial data. This paper gives an overview of a computer-mediated group decision support system for the World Wide Web, called Zeno. The target is to provide intelligent assistance to human mediators and other kinds of trusted third parties during the above procedures. The role of the system is to remain neutral and help assure that the interests and goals of all members of a group, regardless of their status, are respected and appreciated.

The Zeno mediation system is based on a formal model of argumentation evolved from the informal models of Toulmin and Rittel. Its main feature is a labelling function using arguments to compute heuristic information about the relative quality of the alternative positions proposed as solutions for some practical issue.