Special Issue: "Data Mining for a sustainable world"

The world is facing a number of critical challenges. To sustain the world and our civilization it is critical that we find solutions for energy supply, reducing greenhouse emissions, energy-aware computing, and transportation problems. The energy crisis is a major challenge that needs to be addressed the world. Greenhouse emissions are widely believed to be connected with energy consumption. The transportation system has significant effect on the energy consumption and on greenhouse emissions. Many problems related to greenhouse emissions and transportation industry are critically connected to the consumption and supply of energy. Information processing and advanced data analysis techniques are likely to play important roles in solving these problems for the next generation.

Efficient production, distribution, and consumption of existing and alternate energy requires supporting information processing networks in order to adaptively control and protect the underlying physical systems. Understanding the effects of greenhouse emissions requires advanced data analysis techniques for understanding remotely sensed data. Reducing the carbon footprints of buildings, vehicles, and airplanes would require continuous monitoring of sensors and detecting deviation from desired behavior. Designing the next generation of the transportation network becomes particularly challenging in the context of increasing demand for energy supplies and reducing greenhouse emissions. Sensor networks for highways and vehicles equipped with diagnostic data buses along with the availability of machine-to-machine wireless communication networks are going to make the role of advanced data mining techniques very important in the transportation industry. Computing in itself is under scrutiny from the perspective of its effect on greenhouse emissions and pollution. We need to pay close attention to the environmental impacts of computing and the supporting infrastructure. Overall, we need to explore technology for sustainable computing and computing technology for a sustainable world.

We would like to invite paper submissions from data mining researchers focusing on data mining methods for energy supply, reducing greenhouse emissions, energy-aware computing, and next generation transportation systems.

Deadline of submissions:

21th of May 2010


30th of July 2010

Submit a Paper:

Submission site: http://dami.edmgr.com/

Guest editors:

  • Hillol Kargupta (Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County & Agnik, USA)
  • Katharina Morik (TU Dortmund, Germany)
  • Kanishka Bhaduri (NASA Ames, USA)