HK.png Email: helena.kotthaus tu-dortmund.de
Phone: 0231/755-6325
Fax: 0231/755-5105
Room-No.: OH12 R4.021


Helena Kotthaus is a senior researcher at the Competence Center for Machine Learning Rhine-Ruhr (ML2R) in Dortmund, Germany. Within ML2R she is responsible for the transfer between research, business, and industrial projects. Her research interests focus on achieving trustworthiness and resource-efficiency in machine learning algorithms. By evaluating typical pitfalls in data science processes she aims at an increased explainability and trustworthiness of machine learning pipelines. Helena Kotthaus received her Ph.D. from TU Dortmund University for her work on “Methods for Efficient Resource Utilization in Statistical Machine Learning Algorithms” in 2018. By applying methods from the research field of embedded systems to machine learning algorithms, she was able to reduce memory and runtime consumptions, particularly for computationally intensive black-box optimizations. She worked as a staff member at TU Dortmund University’s Embedded Systems Group and the DFG Collaborative Research Center SFB 876 on “Providing Information by Resource-Constrained Data Analysis”. After visiting Oracle Labs, Belmont in 2012, she received a grant from Oracle to coordinate a project on performance comparison methods for the GNU R language. Helena contributed to different research projects, especially on parallelization strategies that enable machine learning models to run efficiently on mobile devices.