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Phone: 0231/755-8229
Room-No.: JvF25 R119

Consultation hour:
Thursdays, 14-16h. Please send me an e-mail ahead of time.
During the semester break (solely by arrangement)


Lukas Pfahler has studied computer science at the TU Dortmund University, where he received his Master of Science degree with distinction. Since 2016 he is a research associate at the chair for artificial intelligence at the department of computer science. In 2022, he obtained his PhD for defending the dissertation "Some Representation Learning Tasks and the Inspection of Their Models"

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Research Interests

  • Statistical Learning Theory
  • Theoretical Foundations of Deep Network Learning
  • Representation Learning



  • Visually Inspecting Singular Values in Deep Networks (Abstract)
  • Generalization in Deep Networks -- A very short introduction (Abstract)
  • What do you do with 5 million posts?: Versuche zum distant reading religiöser Online-Foren (Abstract)

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