mySVM - list of changes

2.1.4When no C is entered, C is automatically set to 1/avg(K(x,x))
2.1.3Fixed a problem with compilation under newer gcc compilers
2.1.2Fixed a bug in the anova kernel
2.1.1Fixed a bug in the user kernel. Parameters were not correctly read.
2.1I cleaned up the code a bit, it should be more readable now. There should be also a small performance improvement. WARNING: In earlier versions, the constant C was divided by the number of examples. This is no longer the case. If you redo old experiments, be sure to change the value of C.
2.0Suddenly at midnight, the clouds darkened the moonlight, a cold shiver came over me, my head started spinning and then the devil possessed me. In other words: mySVM now also compiles under Windows / Visual C++.
1.4.7Fixed a bug in scaling.
1.4.6Fixed another problem with default example format, format is now printed out
1.4.5Some minor changes (default format set properly; mean absolute and squared error are now printed)
1.4.4mySVM didn't complain when reading examples in the wrong format.
1.4.3fixed bug for quadratic loss that was introduced in the last version.
1.4.2some tweaks at the optimizing algorithm.
1.4.1bugfix with scaling in predict.
1.4changes in optimization algorithm for regression.
1.3.7fixed bug in RBF kernel.
1.3.6fixed error in the calculation of hyperplane constant b for regression.
1.3.5fixed bug with delimiter.
1.3.4fixed problem with linefeed-return from MS-DOS files.
1.3.3bugfix in distribution svm.
1.3.2You can now set a default for the parameters format and delimiter in the main parameters. Example dimension is automatically set to the dimension in the first line containing an example in the dense format. Switch in globals.h to exclude sys/times.h, which doesn't work on some systems.
1.3.1added SV estimation of distribution's support
1.3added nu-SVM algorithms for regression and pattern recognition.
1.2Faster, better, uncut: replaced the Loqo optimizer by own SMO optimizer.
Also fixed a bug that could lead to an infinite loop
1.1.3fixed a bug in dense data format
1.1.2fixed a bug in sparse data format
1.1.1fixed a bug that could lead to an infinite loop
1.1removed STL library functions, bugfix
1.0.1some small bugfixes
1.0first public version