Bauschulte/etal/2002a: PG-402 Endbericht Wissensmanagement

Bibtype Techreport
Bibkey Bauschulte/etal/2002a
Author Bauschulte, Fabian and Beckmann, Ingrid and Haustein, Stefan and Hueppe, Christian and El Jerroudi, Zoulfa and Koepcke, Hanna and Look, Phillip and Morik, Katharina and Shulimovich, Boris and Unterstein, Klaus and Wiese, Daniel
Ls8autor Haustein, Stefan
Köpcke, Hanna
Morik, Katharina
Title {PG}-402 {E}ndbericht {W}issensmanagement
Institution {F}achbereich {I}nformatik, {U}niversitat {D}ortmund
Year 2002
Knowledge Management

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