Klinkenberg/etal/2002a: Novel Learning Tasks From Practical Applications

Bibtype Inproceedings
Bibkey Klinkenberg/etal/2002a
Author Klinkenberg, Ralf and Ritthoff, Oliver and Morik, Katharina
Ls8autor Klinkenberg, Ralf
Editor Henze, Nicola and Kókai, Gabriella and Zeidler, Jens
Title Novel Learning Tasks From Practical Applications
Booktitle {LLA{'}02: Lehren -- Lernen -- Adaptivitat}, Proceedings of the workshop of the special interest groups Machine Learning (FGML), Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ILLS), and Adaptivity and User Modeling in Interactive Systems (ABIS) of the German Computer Science Society (GI)
Pages 46--59
Address Hannover, Germany
Publisher University of Hannover
Month October
Year 2002
Projekt SFB531, YALE
Computational Intelligence
Learning Drifting Concepts
Text Mining