Fischer/etal/2002a: \sc Yale: Yet Another Learning Environment -- Tutorial

Bibtype Techreport
Bibkey Fischer/etal/2002a
Author Fischer, Simon and Klinkenberg, Ralf and Mierswa, Ingo and Ritthoff, Oliver
Ls8autor Fischer, Simon
Klinkenberg, Ralf
Mierswa, Ingo
Ritthoff, Oliver
Title {\sc Yale}: {Y}et {A}nother {L}earning {E}nvironment -- {T}utorial
Number CI-136/02
Institution Collaborative Research Center 531, University of Dortmund
Address Dortmund, Germany
Note ISSN 1433-3325. {http://yale.sf.net/ }
Month June
Year 2002
Projekt SFB531,sfb531,yale,YALE,concept_drift_plugin