Euler/Scholz/2004a: Using Ontologies in a KDD Workbench

Bibtype Inproceedings
Bibkey Euler/Scholz/2004a
Author Euler, Timm and Scholz, Martin
Ls8autor Euler, Timm
Scholz, Martin
Editor Buitelaar, P. and Franke, J. and Grobelnik, M. and Paa?, G. and Svatek, V.
Title {U}sing {O}ntologies in a {K}{D}{D} {W}orkbench
Booktitle Workshop on {K}nowledge {D}iscovery and {O}ntologies at ECML/PKDD '04
Pages 103--108
Address Pisa, Italy
Month September
Year 2004
Projekt MiningMart, MiningMartApproach
MiningMart -- Case-Based Support for Database Preprocessing (Extract, Transform, Load)