Poelitz/etal/2015a: Investigation of Word Senses over Time using Linguistic Corpora

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Bibkey Poelitz/etal/2015a
Author Poelitz, Christian; Bartz, Thomas; Morik, Katharina and Angelika Storrer
Ls8autor Bartz, Thomas
Morik, Katharina
Pölitz, Christian
Editor Král, Pavel and Matoušek, Václav
Title Investigation of Word Senses over Time using Linguistic Corpora
Booktitle Text, Speech, and Dialogue
Journal Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence
Series Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Volume 18
Number 18
Pages 191-198
Publisher Springer International Publishing
Abstract Word sense induction is an important method to identify possible
meanings of words. Word co-occurrences can group word contexts into seman-
tically related topics. Besides the pure words, temporal information provide an-
other dimension to further investigate the development of the word meanings over
time. Large digital corpora of written language, such as those that are held by the
CLARIN-D centers, provide excellent possibilities for such kind of linguistic re-
search on authentic language data. In this paper, we investigate the evolution of
meanings of words with topic models over time using large digital text corpora.
Year 2015
Projekt Kobra
Spatio-temporal models