PG594/2016a: PG594 -- Big Data

Bibtype Techreport
Bibkey PG594/2016a
Author Mohamed Asmi and Alexander Bainczyk and Mirko Bunse and Dennis Gaidel and Michael May and Christian Pfeiffer and Alexander Schieweck and Lea Schönberger and Karl Stelzner and David Sturm and Carolin Wiethoff and Lili Xu
Ls8autor Asmi, Mohamed
Bunse, Mirko
May, Michael
Stelzner, Karl
Title PG594 -- Big Data
Number 5
Institution TU Dortmund
Note Supervised by Katharina Morik, Christian Bockermann and Hendrik Blom
Month 10
Year 2016
Projekt SFB876-C3
pg594_2016a.pdf [4953 KB]