Hadiji/2015a: Graphical models beyond standard settings: lifted decimation, labeling, and counting

Bibtype Phdthesis
Bibkey Hadiji/2015a
Author Hadiji, Fabian
Ls8autor Hadiji, Fabian
Title Graphical models beyond standard settings: lifted decimation, labeling, and counting
School TU Dortmund
Abstract With increasing complexity and growing problem sizes in AI and Machine Learning, inference and learning are still major issues in Probabilistic Graphical Models (PGMs). On the other hand, many problems are specified in such a way that symmetries arise from the underlying model structure. Exploiting these symmetries during inference, which is referred to as "lifted inference", has lead to significant efficiency gains. This thesis provides several enhanced versions of known algorithms that show to be liftable too and thereby applies lifting in "non-standard" settings. By doing so, the understanding of the applicability of lifted inference and lifting in general is extended. Among various other experiments, it is shown how lifted inference in combination with an innovative Web-based data harvesting pipeline is used to label author-paper-pairs with geographic information in online bibliographies. This results is a large-scale transnational bibliography containing affiliation information over time for roughly one million authors. Analyzing this dataset reveals the importance of understanding count data. Although counting is done literally everywhere, mainstream PGMs have widely been neglecting count data. In the case where the ranges of the random variables are defined over the natural numbers, crude approximations to the true distribution are often made by discretization or a Gaussian assumption. To handle count data, Poisson Dependency Networks (PDNs) are introduced which presents a new class of non-standard PGMs naturally handling count data.
Year 2015
Url https://eldorado.tu-dortmund.de/handle/2003/35295

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