Beume/etal/2008a: Intelligent anti-grouping in real-time strategy games

Bibtype Inproceedings
Bibkey Beume/etal/2008a
Author Beume, Nicola and Hein, Tobias and Naujoks, Boris and Piatkowski, Nico and Preuss, Mike and Wessing, Simon
Ls8autor Piatkowski, Nico
Title Intelligent anti-grouping in real-time strategy games
Booktitle IEEE Symposium On Computational Intelligence and Games, 2008. (CIG '08)
Pages 63-70
Publisher IEEE Press
Abstract Assembling suitable groups of fighting units to combat incoming enemy groups is a tactical necessity in real-time strategy (RTS) games. Furthermore it heavily influences future strategic decisions like unit building. Here, we demonstrate how to efficiently (offline) solve the problem of finding matches for the current enemy group(s) based on self-organizing maps (SOMs), powered by a simple evolutionary algorithm. The concept is implemented and thoroughly experimentally investigated in the RTS game Glest. We show that the offline learning is reliable and can be sped up considerably by employing a very simple substitute objective function instead of game simulations, making it a nearly universal, simple, and transparent technique.
Month December
Year 2008

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