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Morik/etal/2021a Morik, Katharina and Kotthaus, Helena and Fischer, Raphael and Mücke, Sascha and Jakobs, Matthias and Piatkowski, Nico and Pauly, Andreas and Heppe, Lukas and Heinrich, Danny. Yes We Care! - Certification for Machine Learning Methods through the Care Label Framework. In Elisa Fromont (editors), Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence, Frontiers, 2022. Arrow Symbol
Morik/etal/2021b Morik, Katharina and Kotthaus, Helena and Heppe, Lukas and Heinrich, Danny and Fischer, Raphael and Pauly, Andreas and Piatkowski, Nico. The Care Label Concept: A Certification Suite for Trustworthy and Resource-Aware Machine Learning. arXiv, 2021. Arrow Symbol
Pauly/2018a Pauly, Andreas. Generative Adversarial Training von Markov Random Fields für die Synthese strukturierter Daten. TU Dortmund University, 2018.