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SVM-light - SVM-light -- Support Vector Machine


SVMlight is an implementation of Support Vector Machines (SVMs) in C. The main features of the program are the following:
  • fast optimization algorithm
    • working set selection based on steepest feasible descent
    • "shrinking" heuristic
    • caching of kernel evaluations
    • use of folding in the linear case
  • solves classification, regression, and ranking problems
  • computes XiAlpha-estimates of the error rate, the precision, and the recall
  • efficiently computes Leave-One-Out estimates of the error rate, the precision, and the recall
  • includes algorithm for approximately training large transduction SVMs
  • can train SVMs with cost models
  • handles many thousands of support vectors
  • handles several hundred-thousands of training examples
  • supports standard kernel functions and lets you define your own
  • uses sparse vector representation



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Joachims, Thorsten


SFB 475 subproject A4