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Variations of Vantage-Point Trees

Title Variations of Vantage-Point Trees

This topic is currently earmarked, and may no longer be available!

VP-Trees are an important in-memory index for accelerating metric similarity search, based on a balanced binary split of the data based on the distance to a refernce point (called the "vantage point").

In this Bachelor thesis, the goal is to implement and evaluate enhancements of the VP-tree:

  • Generalized Hyperplane Tree (gh-tree)
  • VPk-Trees, using k-fold splits
  • Monotonous Bisector Trees

Initial readings:


Good Java and data structures (in particular: search trees) knowledge is a must.

As efficiency and performance is important, code quality is integral for a successful implementation.

The implementation is to be done as an extension to ELKI, which already contains many reference methods such as the basic VP-tree and the GNAT.

Thesistype Bachelorthesis
Second Tutor Lang, Andreas
Professor Schubert, Erich
Status Offen