What should be in the abstract?

The abstract is a short text introduction to the research/tool you want to present. It aims to be a short teaser and should answer questions like: What is the presentation about? What is the broader context of the research? What and how will it be presented? What are the results of the research? What is the task of the tool?

Can I reuse the abstract of our research paper?

If you want to present one of your research papers you can reuse its abstract's content.However, please keep in mind that the Student’s Corner is about exchange with other participants, it is therefore helpful if your abstract tells them what to expect in your presentation.

What type of competition is the Kaggle competition?

The Kaggle competition is a machine learning competition. Kaggle is a platform to support ML competitions. Participants are provided with training and test data. They may train prediction models and can upload predictions on the test sample. These predictions are evaluated to determine the performance of the participants model. In our case, the best models will be used to controll a robot in a live warehouse scenario.

Do we need to participate and submit our project result on Kaggle?

The participation is voluntary. If you participate, you need to upload your predictions on a test data sample. The participants models are ranked by the performance of their predictions.