The photo of lecturer Peter Marwedel

Peter Marwedel

Computer scientist spezializing on embedded and cyber-physical systems
Dr. Peter Marwedel studied physics at the University of Kiel, Germany. He received his PhD in that subject in 1974. As a post-doc, he published some of the first papers on high-level synthesis and retargetable compilation in the context of the MIMOLA hardware description language. In 1987, his habilitation thesis in computer science (a thesis required for becoming a professor) was accepted. He held a chair for computer engineering and embedded systems at the computer science department of TU Dortmund from 1989 until 2014. He is also chairing ICD, a local spin-off of TU Dortmund. His research interests include design automation for embedded systems, in particular the generation of efficient embedded software. Focus is on energy efficiency and timing predictability. Since 2001, Dr. Marwedel published papers on energy-efficient software and compiler-supported use of scratchpad memories. He is the author of one of the few textbooks on embedded systems. Since 2011, he is the vice-chair of the collaborative research center SFB 876, aiming at resource-efficient analysis of large data sets. Dr. Marwedel is an IEEE Fellow.
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