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Downloads - MiningMart System V 1.1

Latest version. Released: October 2nd, 2006. The older version 1.0 is still available.
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Please kindly understand that we offer the software with absolutely no warranties!
The copyright of all the software is owned by the MiningMart authors:
Martin Scholz, Timm Euler, Daniel Hakenjos and Katharina Morik.
The software is free for research and non-commercial applications only!
The sources are available.

List of contributing developers: Click here.

Contact: miningmart at

System requirements:

MiningMart processes data from relational databases. Therefore you need
to have a relational database management system installed. MiningMart currently
supports PostgreSQL (version 7.2 or higher), MySql (version 5.0 or higher),
and Oracle (version 8.1.6 or higher).

Further, unless you use the Windows executable below, you must have JAVA installed; MiningMart was tested using Java versions 1.4.2 and 1.5.

Free System Downloads:

  • User Guide (PDF Document)
  • A Windows Executable is available; simply download it, and double-click on the downloaded file in order to install MiningMart under Windows.
  • For installing and running the system under Linux or Solaris, download and unzip this file.
  • If you want to use the Java sources, download and unzip this file.
  • If you want to have the Java API, download and unzip this file.

Examples for MiningMart Cases can be found in the Case Base.

Nonfree Extensions Downloads:

There are a few non-essential extensions to MiningMart which are not freely available.
To use them, put the downloaded file into the MM_HOME/ext/ directory and unzip it.
  • External algorithms binaries for Linux.
  • External algorithms binaries for Solaris.
  • External algorithms binaries for Windows.