Ritthoff/etal/2001a: \sc Yale: Yet Another Machine Learning Environment

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Bibkey Ritthoff/etal/2001a
Author Ritthoff, Oliver and Klinkenberg, Ralf and Fischer, Simon and Mierswa, Ingo and Felske, Sven
Ls8autor Fischer, Simon
Klinkenberg, Ralf
Mierswa, Ingo
Ritthoff, Oliver
Editor Klinkenberg, Ralf and Ruping, Stefan and Fick, Andreas and Henze, Nicola and Herzog, Christian and Molitor, Ralf and Schroder, Olaf
Title {\sc Yale}: {Y}et {A}nother {M}achine {L}earning {E}nvironment
Booktitle {LLWA} 01 -- {T}agungsband der {GI}-{W}orkshop-{W}oche {L}ernen -- {L}ehren -- {W}issen -- {A}daptivitat
Series Forschungsberichte des Fachbereichs Informatik, Universitat Dortmund
Number 763
Pages 84--92
Address Dortmund, Germany
Note ISSN 0933-6192. http://yale.sf.net/
Month October
Year 2001
Projekt SFB531,sfb531, yale, YALE