Journal of Applied Idiosyncrasies
"felix, qui potuit rerum cognoscere causas"

Brought to you by the International Syndicate of Applied Idiosyncrasies (I.S.A.I.)

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After years of silence, due to increasing administration workload, ever more proposals to write, before one is accepted, reviewing reviews and being evaluated in all aspects there finally was a meeting along a set of other meetings that led to the successfull, heuristic, and informed search for the JAI. And here the Journal is again! Two important papers, one from the vision community, one from the machine learning community are indicating the importance of reviews. The Journals has adapted to the new technologies, it has of course a WWW page. Moreover, its papers can be incorporated by just sending a comment. (See this one for an example.)
The Journal has far reaching plans: it will be presented in English as well as in German language the translation being prepared by NOUNSTATIC. Right now, the button for switching to the other language is under construction to be presented below the header line.
Submitted by Katharina Morik, 03.11.95

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