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Downloads - MiningMart System (beta version)


This is an older version of MiningMart; the current version can be found here.

Overview of all downloadable parts

Please kindly understand that we offer the software with absolutely no warranties!
The copyright of all the software is owned by the MiningMart partners.
The software is free for research and non-commercial applications only!

User Guide with Installation Manual (PDF Document)

The MiningMart Install Wizard (V0.12)


M4 Compiler Server
The platform independent base system without runtime ZIP archive
Platform dependent Part

ZIP archive

ZIP archive

ZIP archive

Metadata Schema (M4)
Installer Script

Example Case
business data sample
M4 case

Human Computer Interface
ZIP archive (last update: 18.02.2003)
GraphView, Hotdraw
Open Source JAR Packages:
Please place copies in subdirectory lib/ of the HCI.

Sources of Open Source Packages:
Graph View (ZIP archive)
Hotdraw (ZIP archive)

M4 Interface:
JAR file (last update: 25.11.2002)


The source code - Sorry, not publically available!

M4 Compiler V2.6pre
Case Editor 2003-03-14
M4 Interface 2003-03-14
Concept Editor 2002-12