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Downloads - MiningMart System V0.2

released: 2003-12-01, old version 0.12 is still available here.

This is an older version of MiningMart; the current version can be found here.



Overview of downloadable software

Please kindly understand that we offer the software with absolutely no warranties!
The copyright of all the software is owned by the MiningMart partners.
The software is free for research and non-commercial applications only!

User Guide (PDF Document)

All you need to get started is an Oracle database (>= 8.1.6 recommended),
a Java runtime environment (>= 1.4.2 recommended),
the base system archive, and the open source archives GraphView and hotdraw.

If you want to upgrade an existing system, please keep your cases in the database,
because the old export format (based on Java Serialization) is no longer supported.
With the new system you can still read your M4 cases in the database and export them
using the new XML format.


The MiningMart system
The platform independent base system archive, also including the M4 installer scripts:
ZIP archive

Free plugins for SunOS:
TAR.GZ archive

System with platform dependent binaries included.
Not freely available:

TAR.GZ archive

TAR.GZ archive

ZIP archive

Metadata Schema (M4)
Script to upgrade an existing M4 schema to the current version. To create an empty M4 schema, please use the script that is part of the base system archive, instead!

Example Case
business data sample
M4 case

Human Computer Interface
GraphView, Hotdraw
Open Source JAR Packages for HCI:
Please place copies in subdirectory lib/ of the system!

Sources of Open Source Packages:
Graph View (ZIP archive)
Hotdraw (ZIP archive)